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Local Attractions

Reveal the allure of Craig and its neighboring vicinities when lodging at Travelers Inn & Suites. Our central location places you conveniently close to a diverse range of local attractions appealing to all types of visitors— be it nature lovers, history buffs or families seeking entertaining activities. Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits your exploration:

Museum of Northwest Colorado – Located mere minutes from the hotel, this museum encapsulates the rich historical essence of the region through elaborate displays focusing on Old West and pioneer life. For those passionate about history, this site is a definite recommendation, as well as for individuals intrigued by the cultural legacy permeating Northwest Colorado.

The Yampa Valley Golf Course is an amazing location where you can play golf whether you’re a seasoned golfer or not, amidst the breathtaking views of Yampa Valley. The 18-hole course presents challenging plays and a visually appealing scene that is sure to make your day relaxed. 

Another wonderful place near Travelers Inn & Suites would be Elkhead Reservoir, perfect for outdoor lovers. You can engage in boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking activities while enjoying the blue waters of the reservoir set against picturesque surroundings that offer serenity and connection with nature.

The Marcia Car— a relic of bygone eras that whispers tales of opulent travel in the early 1900s. Restored to its original splendor, this majestic beauty sits regally at the nearby station, inviting visitors to tour its lavish interiors and learn entrancing stories about the local transport history.

Embark on an expedition along Sandrocks Nature Trail for a hike not too arduous but rewarding with picturesque panoramas over cityscapes and valleys below your feet. Take note along the way of petroglyphs etched into ancient stone: a subtle nod back towards generations past calling this land home.

Craig City Park is the place for all ages. From playing sports to simply lounging under the sun at picnic spots and playgrounds, it offers numerous recreational facilities. Let this be your destination spot when looking for a relaxing afternoon or a fun day out with the kids.

Trapper’s Lake: This is the ‘Cradle of Wilderness’— an untouched paradise where fishing, hiking and catching glimpses of wildlife make up your day. The picturesque landscapes along peaceful waters provide a photogenic escape far removed from any commotion. Enjoy.

These attractions are mere teasers to what Craig can provide. If you seek the natural beauty to immerse yourself in, or historical escapades to explore, or even just leisure activities— Travelers Inn & Suites stands as the ideal cornerstone for your quests through our city. Make a visit to unearth Craig’s hidden gems— let those moments etch everlasting imprints in your memory lane. Explore away; this is no ordinary town!